B.K. Anantha Ram

Press comments

Bright promises, establishing himself as a good flautist, though youthful urge for speed was evident, his Mohana was rendered in the spacious and melodious manner. DECCAN HERALD.

Promising flautist, Karnataka which had a galaxy of flautists like T.R.Mahalingam, C.M.Madhuranath, and B.N.Suresh is once again regaining its glory, talented flautist. Anantharam hailing from a family of musician's gave a memorable concert. It is in a composition of GNB that he enthralled the audience. Raga elaboration, neraval and special effects were highly appreciable. SOUTHERN HERALD

Flautist B. K. Anantha Ram has imbibed an admirable style from veteran musicians. He also worked hard in gaining impressive control over Bamboo instrument. Begade was his choice, the Nishadas in particular are tricky and only a disceming and knowledgeable hand can handle them.Anantharam held them together and presented a lively picture of the raga, he rendered the embellishments with simplicity.The expense of his manodharma and depth of his acquired sangitha gnana could fúlly be assessed when he drew Shankarabharana on a wider canvas for Sarojadalanetri. THE HINDU

B. K. Anantha Ram gave a flute recital under the joint auspices of Ananya and the Karnataka Ganakala Parishath. Anantharam who is not a stranger to Bangalore music lovers hails from a musician's family. He took lessons from his mother Smt.Rajamma Keshavamurthy and is being guided by Dr. N.Ramani. The varna gave him a fine start. With the necessary tempo he elaborated Deva Deva, Inthasowkya and Marivere neatly. Evarani a fine keertane and a Tillana added pep to the concert. DECCAN HERALD

Melodious flute recital from B. K. Anantharam was heard starting with crisp varna and elaborated the concert without giving room to any gimmicks and presented the concert with simplicity, his blowing was very soulful and melodious. PRAJAVANI

Scholarly performance.....After listening to his performance the talented flautist B.K.Anantharam would get more opportunities to perform. Endaromahanubhavulu (The last portion of the pancharathna krithi rendered in a changed speed was enjoyable) afforded Anantharam the chance to air his remarkable range. He glided unhesitatingly up the octaves. THE HINDU

B. K. Anantharam son of Rajyothsava awardee Smt. A. Rajamma Keshavamurthy has been performing in all leading sabhas and music festivals and has laid a solid foundation through the tutelage under veterans like C. M. Madhuranath, B.N.Suresh, Dr.N.Ramani and S. Ramakanth. He started the concert with evergreen krithi Vathapiganapathim in Hamasadwani, also rendered familiar krithis such as Chinnanadena, Pankajalochana in the Raga Kalyani Main krithi the majestic O' Rangashayi in Raga Kambodhi with neat presentation with neraval and swara showed his excellence over the instrument. UDAYAVANI

THE MEMORABLE CHENNAI CONCERT. The talented flautist Anantharam gave a melodious flute recital at the Nandhi Fine Arts. The krithi in Natakuranji Mamavasada was neatly elaborated with swaraprasthara, the krithi normally played over the flute Niravadhisukadha was presented with lot of sangathis in a brisk speed. KANNADA PRABHA

Talented flautist B. K. Anantharam who has received training from veteran flautists such as C. M. Madhuranath, B. N. Suresh, M. R. Doraiswamy & Dr. N. Ramani is in the footsteps of his mentors who gave a memorable concert in Thyagarajagana Sabha at Mysore, the perfection in clear cut blowing and melody were the highlights of his concert, he started with a evergreen Veeriboni in Bhairavi, followed it with Vathapi with various combinations of swaraprasthara, the neat presentation of Ganamurthe krithi were very attractive. PRAJAVANI

The highlights of Anantharam's concert was his blowing and the perfection in shruthi which were well received by the audience, starting with crisp Navaragamalika varna which was very pleasing to the ears. Mamavasada in kanada raga which was elaborated with all possible sangathis and the varieties of swaraprasthara were very much applauded by the audience... KALA DIGANTHA

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