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Vidushi. A.Rajamma Keshavamurthy - President

Vidwan B.K.Anantha Ram - Managing Trustee

Vamshi Academy of Music Trust, Rajajinagar established by the Internationally acclaimed Flautist Kanchi KaamakoTi PeeTa Aastaana Vidwan, KalAbhushana B.K.Anantha Ram has been doing yeomen service in the field the of Karnatic Music from the year 1999, the main activities are conducting Week Long Karthik Music Festival in the month of November every year, on that occasion it had organized thematic concerts like “Generations-Venu Utsav, Janaka-Janya Festival, Yamala madhurya- Jugalbandhi Festival, Vadya Nada Vaibhava”, ‘Sangeetha Nityotsav’ by inviting many artistes especially from Karnataka and also other states & provide stage for Veteran, young and upcoming artistes, So far honoured 76 Artistes & Art Patrons with Prestigious Annual Vamshi Puraskar & provided Stage for nearly 2000 Young and Veteran artistes, on that occasion it will honor an organization which is striving for the cause of promotion of Karnatic music by awarding the title “Ghandharva Vamsha Samvardhaka”, Sr. Flautist with “Vamshi Gana Nidhi”, a veteran musician with “Ghandharva Vamsha Nidhi” an Art Patron with “Ghandharva Vamsha Puraskar”and a middle aged artiste with “Ghandharva Vamsha Vardhana” conducts competitions for the young artistes as a measure of Talent Search, release of cd’s and cassettes & many other related activities. Now for the past few years Vamshi has been trying to promote Karnatic Music under the Theme called “Temple Bells” in the Beautiful Temples of Bengaluru by arranging 3 concerts of one hour each by which it can reach the mass easily & can provide stage to many artistes of our state this has received tremendous response from the public, monthly concerts & also equip the general public by educating them in the field of Karnatic music in the form of “Karnatic music appreciation series” by going to the houses of general public, Schools & colleges every month, the programme called “Maneyangaladalli Sangeetha Sathsang” a unique and a pioneer effort by Vamshi, it is dreaming of educating at least 25,000 audiences in Bangalore alone keeping in mind the distress state of audience attendance for a Karnatic music Concert, it is our duty to encourage the artistes effort and give them a morale boost by attending the concerts especially taking the youngsters into the concert and expose them to our Indian Culture after all it will benefit our youngsters immensely. Our audience should attend the concerts irrespective of the Organisations and Artistes, at least there should be a minimum of 300 to 400 audience in a concert hall and encourage them.

In addition to these programmes Vamshi Academy organizes Ramanavami Music Festival, Seminar on different instruments every year. Leading artists and upcoming artists of music and Harikathe participate in this Music Festival.

Vamshi Over the years

In its 5th year programmes, it had arranged a veena recital of Smt.Jayasri Aravind of Bombay, It had arranged a Unique type of Competition for the Young Artistes in search of new Talent called 'Concert Competition' in Vocal & Instruments in 2 age groups of 10 to 16 years for junior category & 16 to 25 years for Senior Category on the modalities of Karnatic CIassical Concert pattern with a time frame of 12 minutes & were judged by a panel of top artistes of Karnataka, in which 30 participants were chosen among both the categories & Honored by giving Cash prizes, Mementos & Certificate of Merit on the occasion of a Youth Festival of Veena, Venu & Violin which was held in Bangalore from 16.05.2003 to 18.05.2003. Vamshi conducted its 5th Anniversary & Karthik Music Festival in the month of November 2003. On this occasion a Music Conference was held for 3 days. The theme Janaka-Janya was chosen for the Conference, in which a combination of janaka (Father or Mother) & its derivative i.e., Son or Daughter will perform the Concerts. Then the Academic part consisting of Discussion, Lec-Demos. How to appreciate Music by scholars & other intelligentsia was held.

Of course it is only through the liberal patronage of such Philanthropic business house & Connoisseurs like that ofyours, & the Academy depends entirely upon the patronage by patrons like you, we have been able to espouse the cause of Performing Arts & do hope to carry on for more time to come.

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