2.11.08 C Fusion Concert byamith & Harsha 2.11.08 C Inauguration of Youth Fest 2.11.08_C_AnanthaRam_&_Srilakshmi_Honored
4.11.08 C Sahann+Vittal 5.11.08 C Gopal+ Venkatesh 6.11.08 C Nada Geethe by Students
6.11.08 C Vinay 7.11.08 C Carnatica Brothers 7.11.08 C Inauguration of Main Fest
7.11.08 C Vrinda 8.11.08 C Anita kulkarni 8.11.08 C Students of Academy
8.11.08 C Vageesh (Delhi) 9.11.08 C Anantharam &  Amith at East West meets 9.11.08 C Artistes of East West Meets Prog
9.11.08 C Audience at the Exibhition 9.11.08 C Audience at the Programme 9.11.08 C Glimpse of Artistes of East West Meets Artistes
9.11.08 C Poorna Kumba to Awardees 9.11.08 C Speech byRamachandra Gowda Minister 9.11.08 C Students of Academy with Minister
9.11.08 C Wlcome to Dignataries concert_amith_harsha concert_amith_harsha1
DSC_0039-4th_day DSC_0060-3rd_day DSC_0210
DSC_0221 DSC_0222 DSC_0248
DSC_0265 DSC_0645 DSC_0696
DSC_0698 Inauguration 10th anniversary percussion_ensemble sahana_vittal

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